About B2U

As Exclusive Partner Trust Guard EMEA
we are helping to create a safer online world.

Business to You has been advising and providing solutions in the field of online payments and online security since 2001. Business to You works in a small, flexible team. The customer’s needs are our starting point. We are not satisfied until our customer is. It is precisely because of this service-oriented approach that we can count many renowned companies and institutions among our clients.

Our Trust Guard service scans websites to find security vulnerabilities. Weaknesses that could allow hackers to do damage. These scans are performed fully automatically daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly. Security problems found are identified, categorized and reported in a dashboard to the client. A solution direction is also provided. With this, the client can go to their IT department or web builder to fix the vulnerabilities found.

In this way, Business to You helps create a safer online world.

And online security is a hot topic right now. Every day the media are full of stories about hackers who have gained access to company websites and stolen personal data. As a result, companies are increasingly aware of the importance of good online security. As a result, companies are increasingly knocking on Business to You’s door for Trust Guard.