API makes website security instantly transparent


Protecting personal data and monitoring data security is a good practice. Actually acting on reports immediately and taking measures if necessary is even better. It is therefore all the more important that you have access to current and clear information within your organisation.

Officially, the legislation does not dictate any standard(s) when it comes to compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It is your responsibility to protect privacy-sensitive information, but how you do it – and how you report on it – is up to you.

The API makes scan results immediately available and ready for integration

That is why Trust Guard offers an overview of all found security vulnerabilities, not only via the dashboard or e-mail, but now also automatically via an API. This allows you to make all scan results from your own website(s) or those of your customers available immediately so that you can start solving the found security vulnerabilities straight away. In addition, you can use the same API to make the individual customer scan results available directly in their own dashboard so that the status of the website security is made clear and it becomes ‘top-of-mind’!

Internal: link scan results to your internal ticketing system and reporting

Make it easy for your employees and management by retrieving the scan results with the API and linking them directly to your helpdesk/ticketing system like Jira. By doing so, vulnerabilities are reported directly in your organisation and you can also automate reminders and escalation procedures! This also makes the security status directly available to your management, because ultimately the owner or CEO is personally legally responsible for the security, as stipulated in legislation such as GDPR! Many companies have to remain PCI/DSS certified for the acceptance of credit card transactions or have to submit an annual OWASP report for Thuiswinkel.org. With Trust Guard you can! Don’t be surprised afterwards by the use of passive reports that make you react (too) late. Give your company the advantage of up-to-date reporting with the API so that your company can respond proactively and prevent problems!

External: offer your customers also the convenience of website security in your own dashboard!

De API stelt u in staat om websitebeveiliging aan uw klanten aan te bieden als integraal onderdeel van uw dienstverlening. Een win-win-situatie, al is het alleen al omdat u de scanresultaten kunt tonen in de look and feel van uw dashboard en het gebruik daardoor voor uw klant een stuk prettiger wordt. Bied websitebeveiliging aan vanuit uw eigen vertrouwde omgeving en maak beveiliging daarmee belangrijk en inzichtelijk voor uw klant

Single Sign On (SSO)

Trust Guard does not stop there. Because in addition to displaying the results of the security scan in your own dashboard or that of your clients, you can also use the API to activate a direct Single Sign On (login) to the details of the security problems found in the Trust Guard dashboard! No extra login required, as your employee or your customer is already logged into your environment!


As a Trust Guard reseller, you can easily offer website security on your website and expand your services. By simply placing the Trust Guard sign up button on your website, customers can create an account in just a few clicks. You can then choose whether to check the scan results in the overview in the dashboard, have them periodically e-mailed to you or whether you use the API to retrieve the scan results internally and/or make them available to your customers in your own dashboard! Start now, quickly and easily! The API integration can always be done as a next step!

Give yourself and your customers confidence in website security with Trust Guard.

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View scan results at basic or expert level

To strengthen trust when your customer wants to place an order, Trust Guard now has a check-out banner available. Thanks to this banner, customers can immediately see that they can safely make an online purchase.

Gaining customer trust through a check-out banner

To strengthen trust when your customer wants to place an order, Trust Guard now has a check-out banner available. Thanks to this banner, customers can immediately see that they can safely make an online purchase.