Responsibility for cybersecurity really lies with the entrepreneur


You may not realize it, but as an entrepreneur or director of an organization, the responsibility for the security of the website lies with you. At a time when digital threats are becoming increasingly sophisticated, ensuring online security is essential. And that is a responsibility that you cannot simply ignore.

Avoid problems and costs

“Hackers are actually just people like you and me, but with a talent for penetrating digital security,” Hans Bouman explains. Hans is CEO of Trust Guard. “Hackers are not the shadowy figures you might see in movies, but rather curious types who like to explore the online world. Sometimes they just start by checking outdated versions of web hosting or software. Then when they find an old version, they focus on the old security points that they can exploit.” Hackers are a bit like digital adventurers who look for weak spots in systems. If you are lucky, they are ethical hackers, but very often they are hackers with the wrong intentions who can cause a lot of problems and costs! So basically, if your business isn’t well secured, they can just walk in and snoop around. “That is why it is important to have your online affairs in good order.”

Periodically map your cyber security and take action

Trust Guard offers security scans to all types of organizations. This allows you to periodically map the cyber security of your company or organization, says CEO Hans Bouman. “Our security scans are available in different forms, such as OWASP, PCI/DSS, ISO27001 and NIS/2. You can do the scans automatically once a quarter, but also monthly, weekly and even daily. With the Trust Guard scan you get a thorough analysis of the online environment of your website. From expired SSL certificates to more technical issues, Trust Guard identifies potential vulnerabilities that can be exploited by hackers, for example. We provide this information in such a way that you can pass it on to your web hosting or application manager to resolve the errors.”


Report provides overview of security issues and documentation efforts

The report that Trust Guard provides via the dashboard is of great value to companies. The knife cuts both ways. It not only provides an overview of security issues and how to resolve them, but also serves as documentation for your company or organization of the company’s efforts to ensure online security. This can be invaluable in the event of a legal dispute. In the event of a data breach, for example, you must always be able to demonstrate that you have taken sufficient measures to improve security. Don’t forget that if you are hacked, this must be reported to the Dutch Data Protection Authority, which is also provided for by law!

Entrepreneurs are personally liable

It is of course good to know whether your website may be at risk of a cyber attack. That is not only good to know, but you are even responsible for ensuring that it is in order. “Many entrepreneurs do not realize that they are personally liable for the security of their company,” says Hans. “In the event of a data breach, the damage can not only be financial, but also legal.” If you cannot prove that you have taken all possible steps to protect your business, you risk not only your reputation, but also your freedom. “You can be convicted and therefore get a criminal record,” Hans explains.

Nobody wants that. So create a test account and scan your site today at

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To strengthen trust when your customer wants to place an order, Trust Guard now has a check-out banner available. Thanks to this banner, customers can immediately see that they can safely make an online purchase.

Gaining customer trust through a check-out banner

To strengthen trust when your customer wants to place an order, Trust Guard now has a check-out banner available. Thanks to this banner, customers can immediately see that they can safely make an online purchase.

SSL management made easy

One of the first requirements against cybercriminals is the purchase of an SSL certificate for your website. Surfing without HTTPS in the domain name is not a good practice! With the Trust Guard Vulnerability Scan, you can now view and manage the status of your SSL certificates.