Trust Guard: More Trust is more Sales


If you run an online shop, you want your customers to be able to rely on you. That they can trust you with their data, knowing that the security is in order. In this blog, we will tell you all about the Trust Guard seal: good for your customers, good for your credibility.

Ensuring safety

Say it yourself: you prefer to buy online from a webshop with the Thuiswinkel Waarborg, don’t you? Then at least you know you’re in the right place and that you can trust that the items you ordered will be delivered in any case – and if not, that you can invoke the Thuiswinkel Guarantee guidelines. The same applies, especially since the introduction of the GDPR, to the knowledge that personal data is in good hands at your webshop and that you can assure your customers that sensitive information will not be out in the open.

Your secure website deserves a seal

Die zekerheid biedt u uw klanten met het gratis Trust Guard-keurmerk, ook wel het Trust Guard Seal genoemd. Dit glasheldere, felgroene seal springt direct in het oog en draagt met de heldere ‘secured’-vermelding aanmerkelijk bij aan het veiligheidsgevoel van uw klant. En terecht ook, want Trust Guard toont het seal ook alléén wanneer de scan daadwerkelijk aantoont dat uw website veilig is bevonden. Op het moment dat uit een periodieke beveiligingsscan bepaalde risico’s zijn komen bovendrijven, wordt het keurmerk onzichtbaar gemaakt totdat de problemen zijn opgelost. Betrouwbaar en transparant.

Benefits of the seal

This way you can show your customers that you are really serious about the GDPR and about preventive measures to secure data. Thanks to the most recent redevelopments, the logo is ‘floating’: it sinks and rises as your customer scrolls through your website. Depending on the best fit for your website, you can choose from different designs. And, last but not least, the logo is responsive and resizes on PCs, tablets or smartphones. The Trust Guard seal costs you nothing, but increases your conversion and trust relationship with your customer. And remember: while you wait, your competitor may already have the seal on their website for months.

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