Customers are very aware of the security in place
when they log into your online accounting portal.

The importance of accounting needs no further argumentation. It is interesting to see why companies are increasingly opting for online accounting. This has to do with common accounting for multiple divisions (even in different countries) and the benefit of central upgrades and greater efficiency. The switch from offline to online accounting offers a large number of advantages.

Convince the customer about safety

The point is that companies entrust their sensitive information to another company on the internet. All (stock exchange) sensitive and often even secret information about loans, costs, profit margins, investments, personnel files, securities positions and much more …

Personal administration and loan management

In addition to financial accounting, personal administration and loan management are increasingly being outsourced online. In addition to loan management, for example, consider a HRM help desk.


Trade associations of accountants set specific requirements for security standards in order to safeguard quality and confidence in their industry. Often the government and the tax authorities have already defined a large number of standards for the actual accounting. Make the industry itself increasingly wants to use online security standards such as PCI DSS, GDPR, SOX, ISO 27001 or OWASP.

Confidence insured

When your customers log in to your online accounting portal, they are very aware of the security present and the consequences of any security breaches for their business. That is why it is crucial that you perform daily scans on your entire internet environment. Enable your system administrators to maintain the required security level with the help of Trust Guard. Customers want online accounting firms to be inspected by independent certification companies such as Trust Guard so that they can be certified to objective standards such as PCI. Like many other online retailers, display the Trust Guard seal so that your customers know that you can deliver the desired level of trust and security.

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