Secure and uninterrupted network access is essential.

Your store is everything! You invest all your energy day and night to make your online store a success. The necessary activities for your online store include sales, marketing, customer service, support, logistics and (although this is often forgotten): security.

Security is necessary because of all privacy-sensitive information stored on your servers:

  • Personal data such as name, delivery and billing address, contact details
  • Order information such as product, price, and quantity
  • Payment information such as credit card numbers, bank account numbers, country data, IP addresses, payment status amongst others.

All this data can be combined to commit identity theft.

Take your responsibility

In addition to usernames and passwords, authentication methods and encryption technology, web stores must also pay attention to the quality of security for detecting potential vulnerabilities on their website. That is why organizations opt for a PCI DSS certification or another security standard and want to show with the Trust Guard seal that their websites are scanned daily. With Trust Guard your webshop is safe!

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