Secure and uninterrupted network access is essential.

Education wants secure and uninterrupted network access

Secure and uninterrupted network access is essential for schools and universities, not only for systems used by pupils and students for their studies, but also for the day-to-day administrative tasks and work of teachers. In addition, networks of educational institutions contain other privacy-sensitive and confidential information, such as student data, salary administration, exam results and current projects of hundreds or thousands of students and employees.

Guarantee availability and security

How can you guarantee the availability and security of these resources if the networks and users are constantly changing?

Trust Guard’s extremely flexible, easy-to-implement and cost-effective automatic security solutions have been implemented on many campuses around the world. The Trust Guard technology scans the information about computers and other network devices on your network, making a reliable inventory of all vulnerabilities that may be present. This will prevent damage to your institution’s reputation as a result of vulnerabilities that were not addressed.

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