Certified security for government infrastructures.

Certified security for government infrastructure

In the period after September 11, 2001, the US Department of Homeland Security called on all government agencies to better shield their information systems. Government business-critical systems that provide essential services to the community must be able to withstand attacks by hackers and e-terrorists.

As a result of this initiative, government agencies in the US and other countries are required to:

  • To comply with the PCI security standard and other standards.
  • Protect the privacy, integrity and availability of their information systems.
  • Make the information systems accessible and available to employees, partners and citizens.
  • Ensure that essential information systems are secure 24 hours a day

Trust Guard’s PCI DSS certification program is the most cost-effective way to meet these requirements

Peace of Mind thanks to Trust Guard

Government institutions are required to implement programs that confirm compliance with the legal regulations and industry standards in the field of internet security. We recommend frequent scans for the presence of security breaches in information systems and regular monitoring of security processes.

When a government agency carries out consistent, mutually comparable and repeatable evaluations of security processes and control systems, a much better picture is created of the risks associated with the use of information systems.

Management of vulnerabilities

The Trust Guard scans support a complete and cost-effective management of vulnerabilities. Trust Guard offers governments and senior management protection against possible liability, through the scan history and reports that prove that everything has been done to ensure that the data protection standards prescribed by law are met.

More acceptance of e-government

Because there is a lot of media attention for the activities of hackers on websites of online stores, consumers are reluctant to pay online. This reluctance also has consequences for governments and government institutions that want their citizens to use cheaper payment options for taxes, gas, water and electricity bills and fines for example. In practice it turns out that Trust Guard greatly contributes to a much greater acceptance of electronic services by citizens.

Trust Guard is easy to implement and requires no special hardware or software and includes technical support from enthusiastic support professionals.

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