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Earn the trust of donors, volunteers and clients

Non-profit institutions are obligated to implement programs that confirm compliance with the legal requirements and industry standards in the field of internet security and payment systems. Many non-profit institutions also want to optimize the effectiveness of their fundraising, especially now that most potential donors donate via the internet.Trust Guard can be of service to you in both respects.

With Trust Guard certification, non-profit organizations can manage and limit security risks and at the same time raise more funds through their websites. While daily scans for potential vulnerabilities keep hackers out, the Trust Guard seal on the website inspires enough confidence to persuade potential donors and customers to make a gift or purchase items from your web store.

Control of vulnerabilities

The scanning technology offers complete and cost-effective control of vulnerabilities on the internet and you can protect your website against hackers and break ins this way. Trust Guard scans offer protection to non-profit organizations and their senior managers against potential liability, through the scan history of the vulnerability scans that can be traced to the standards prescribed by law.

More online

Because there is a lot of media attention for identity theft and the activities of hackers on the websites of online stores, millions of consumers are also reluctant to make online donations. As the world’s generally recognized guarantee of good internet security, the Trust Guard seal has proven time and again to contribute to higher online donations and product sales.

Trust Guard is easy to implement and requires no special hardware or software and includes technical support from enthusiastic support professionals.

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