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Reseller program

You can become a reseller if you would like to recommend Trust Guard to your customers and you view security as an important addition to your current services.


Resellership is ideal if you aim to provide your customers with more support and actively advise them about security. It is simple to extend your current service portfolio by adding Trust Guard. We do however expect more from you in return:

  • Purchase of your own Trust Guard account (directly via your own reseller page).
  • Prominent placement of the Trust Guard logo on your website.
  • Trust Guard information availability on your website, including reseller links to our website.
  • Active promotion of Trust Guard to your customers.

Your benefits

  • A personal Reseller ID that tracks your leads on our order page.
  • Leads referrals are added to the Reseller tab in your account’s Trust Guard Dashboard. 
  • Your own logo on the website and order pages.
  • The following marketing materials:
    - Official Trust Guard logo
    - Other banners and logo's
    - Text samples and example links from other resellers
    - Brochures (PDF Format) with your own contact details

Interested in our reseller program?

Contact us:

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