More trust, more sales.


The Trust Guard seal, when placed on your website, will not only increase consumer confidence and therefore your turnover, but you will also build your brand image thanks to association with our Trust Guard seal.

If your earnings depend on your online sales, you better ensure that your website is secure. Have you ever calculated what it would cost if your website was hacked? Consider not only a few days of sales loss, but also the repair costs and the damage to your reputation. Protect your website with Trust Guard.

Privacy rules

Many web retailers have insufficient knowledge of laws and regulations for the protection of consumer privacy. Privacy rules should be your top priority, if you don’t want to fall victim to identity theft and reputation damage when your online store is hacked. The Trust Guard seal shows your customer that you invest in safety.

Achieve a higher position in the results of search engines such as Google

If your website is protected with Trust Guard, this does not only mean that you can display our seal on your website! A back-link is also included on our site. The result: a better position in the results of search programs.

Your competitor also uses Trust Guard

If your competitors display the Trust Guard seal on their websites, it means that they understand the importance of good security for marketing. Do not wait too long. The battle for the consumer takes place in the first seconds that a visitor views your website and assesses whether you are worthy of his trust or not!

The return on trust

Always place the Trust Guard seal visible on your homepage. The Trust Guard seal is a “floating seal” and is always visible, whether your visitors are at the top or bottom of the page.